Feb 2015 photoGood fishing continues at Shaver Lake as evidenced by the many trophy sized trout that were caught this week. Trollers are picking up a couple limits per boat using spinners tipped with crawlers behind weighted flashers or down riggers 20 to 27 feet deep. Black Rock, the Point and Eagle Point have been some of the favorite locations on Shaver. Many trophy fish were caught this week, but a couple come to mind. 1st an unknown angler caught and released  an estimated 12 to 15 pound beautiful rainbow at road 2. The angler was tossing a Rooster tail from shore. He caught, photographed it and put it back for someone else to experience. The second was caught by Robin Creamer of Fresno. he was soaking Power bait from a boat at an unknown location. His catch weighed in at 14 pounds, was photographed and also put back into the lake where it swam away. Congratulations to these two sportsmen for their unselfish acts.

But keeping a trophy is ok as long as you throw the others back.

Jose Barrera of Corcoran caught a very nice 7.78 pound bow from his boat at Black Rock. Berrera was still fishing with a crawler. Aaron Alvin of San Mateo paid Shaver as visit a went home with a nice 8.11 pounder for his efforts.

Bank fishermen are doing fair on last year planters but have had their share of trophy sized trout also. Both marina’s will be open possibly this coming Young Man 3-5-15jpgweek with rental boats and supplies. Check your favorite marina for more information.